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We are pleased to provide you with comprehensive information about the diverse organizations that benefit from a portion of our sales. It is with great pride that we allocate donations from each purchase equally among these five incredible organizations.

Ocean Organizations

Ocean Conservancy

Ocean Conservancy fights to save our oceans and marine life from the destructive impact of garbage. Through scientific research, wildlife rescue, and sustainable solutions, they lead the charge for ocean advocacy. Join their cause and make a difference.

Marine Mammal Center

The Marine Mammal Center leads the forefront of ocean conservation, addressing rising water temperatures and human impact on marine ecosystems. Their expertise in rescue, veterinary services, research, and education has saved 24,000 marine animals with 1,300 dedicated volunteers. Join their cause to protect marine life.

Land Organizations

Amazon Conservation

Amazon Conservation unites science, innovation, and communities to protect the Amazon. They preserve wildlife havens, combating the threats of deforestation and extinction. The Amazon needs urgent help, and you can make a difference.

African Wildlife Foundation

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) protects Africa's most threatened species and their habitats. They combat wildlife traffickers and poachers through safeguards on their land and spread conservation awareness across the continent through partnerships. Their dedicated efforts ensure a safe and thriving environment for Africa's precious wildlife.

Pets Alive

Pets Alive is a compassionate, no-kill shelter dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating various animals, from dogs and cats to rabbits and horses. They actively advocate for better animal welfare laws, rescued horses from Central Park, and organize adoption events. Their exceptional efforts have positively impacted countless animals, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude for their remarkable contributions to animal welfare.


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